1. Natural Dyes in Embroideries of Byzantine Tradition, the Collection of Embroidered Aëres and Epitaphioi in the National Museum of Art of Romania
  2. Transition from natural to early synthetic dyes in the Romanian traditional shirts decoration,
  3. Liquid chromatography as analytical tool for the study of natural and early synthetic dyes in traditional Saxon textiles,
  4. Dyes and biological sources in 19th-20th century ethnographic textiles from Transylvania,
  5. Investigation of natural dyes in 15th c. documents seal threads from the Romanian Academy Library, by LC-DAD-MS (triple quadrupole)
  6. A discussion on the red anthraquinone dyes detected in historic textiles from Romanian collections,
  7. The use of LC-MS in the identification of natural dyes in the epitaphios from Sucevita Monastery (15th Century),


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